My favorite pizza memory is the first time I had a classic margherita. It was here in Los Angeles where I first started working in an Italian kitchen, and thus my love and passion for pizza was created.

We try to respect the authenticity of classic Italian pizza while adding our own unique twist. The San Gennaro is a perfect example; it’s all about experimentation and finding which flavors work well together. The taste and color of the pizza is extremely important. There needs to be a balance in ingredients.


I love our Nutella pizza, an easy and simple Italian dessert. It incorporates the pizza dough, which adds a nice blend of saltiness to the sweetness of the Nutella. The powdered sugar tops it off and adds an extra kick.

We’re really hoping to expand our special pizzas. Right now, we are working on getting a black truffle pizza together. We try to stay true to classic Italian pizza, but we know it is extremely important to push the boundaries. In the foreseeable future, we would love to incorporate local ingredients, in order to bridge the gap between the American and Italian pizza.